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Because everything is online, you have the flexibility to work through our course at your convenience. There are no lecturers to listen to and you are in charge of your own studies. You can work at your own pace and log on and off as often as you like . Any computer will do as long as there is an internet connection.

How it works

Once you have created a unique user name and password during the signup process, you can begin the course. The course is broken up into easy lessons. These lessons will guide you through the remainder of the course. You will be asked to answer some multiple choice questions at the end of each lesson to make sure you are remembering the material. These questions may appear again on the final exam, but don't be alarmed. You can take the exam more than once.

Why choose us?

Whether the court has required you to complete this traffic course or you are choosing to improve your driving record - we can help. Simple and user friendly DMV/Court approved Internet Traffic School course gives you an option to clear your record without spending your Weekends in the classroom.


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